Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 19!

Well, after an anime style sci-fi yesterday, today brings us to a return to something a little more gritty, if no less based on a particular graphical style. In this case, the style of Frank Miller. See, when I was a kid, I read "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns," and in addiion to being struck by the grim style of the piece, I was also struck by a love of something else.

#19: The Batmobile
When an aging Bruce Wayne returns to don the mask of the Batman, he brings something else with him to fight the tough new gang called 'The Mutants.' Yeah. A Bat Tank. Poor suckers never really stood a chance.


SinSynn said...

Just seeing that lil' pic made me pretty happy.
What a great comic that was.

And the Batmobile is definitely an iconic vehicle, but 'tank' may be stretching it a bit.....
But, then's also a boat and a jet at various times, so...
Tank it is!

Bubbashelby said...

Rubber bullets. Honest.

Sorrowshard said...

Still one of the best comics you will ever read.

I'm glad you picked this up on tanksgiving, really I am.

Well done sir.

How about the tank from Starfox :oP

C&C mammoth tank needs to get a look in too ;o)

Really enjoying this series atm

Tomsche said...

I really like this series, checking back each day and thinking `oh right, THAT beast`

I wonder if the Zaku will make it in there

Mike Howell said...

How could I have possibly gone this long without ever having read this?! TELL ME!!