Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 25!

Alright, who's ready for another installment of the legendary Tanksgiving countdown? Yeah, me either. But the show must go on! Now that we have broken through the first five, we begin to pull into the heavy hitters; those tanks which shake the ground with the roar of their guns. The true brutes of Science Fiction armored combat.

#25 Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank
Remember back when Episode 1 came out? Before it was popular to be a snob about anything Star Wars related, and pretty much everyone was wowed and awed by the special effects? Yeah, this was the time when the AAT debuted. I remember secretly exulting as one of these put a round into the Fambaa shield generator, and the droids starting really mowing down those stupid Gungans.

Be honest, you were probably all rooting for that right along with me.

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Michael said...

How the Gungan's blue paintballs killed these things id still a mystery to me.