Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 28!

Another day another stop on the road to Tanksgiving! After a fairly controversial entry yesterday, I have another unconventional contender today, though I think that at least most folks will agree that it does countas a pretty cool sci-fi tank, even if it's something you might not have thought of.

#28: T1
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the very first Terminator! Skynet used these to defend its network hub on the day of The Rise of the Machines! The T1 was not terribly sophisticated by Terminator standards, essentially just an armed remote controlled robot much like what the U.S. Military is using currently, if a bit more sinister in appearance.

It was largely replaced by Skynet in favor of the more sophisticated endoskeletal humanoid cyborgs. The T1 soldiered on, however, for many years afterward in base defense and guarding roles.


Mike Howell said...

I looks vaguely like the hunter killer thing from the first Terminator movie, only designed by Apple and made to look like it's reclining in a chaise lounge.

Not having seen the movie in question, how tall is this thing?

CounterFett said...

It's about 10 feet tall, if memory serves.

And about that HK...stay tuned.

paws4thot said...

This is the one from T3, isn't it? If so, then it was designed to fit the base rather than the other way about, so it's not likely to be any more than 10 feet tall or wide.