Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 29!

Alright folks, here's hoping I fall into the swing of things here. Number 30, while a fine armored vehicle was something that was suggested by someone else, and I didn't really know that much about it. Number 29, however, is something near and dear to my heart, and painfully obscure to boot. It might be a bit controversial, but I remind you that if you don't like my list, you are always welcome to make your own!

#29: Tiny Tank!

Tiny Tank was a poorly received Playstation title in which the player fights as the title robot/tank, who is in fact quite small, to defeat rogue robots that have driven humanity underground. Aided by a modular weapons system that allows him to mount a mind boggling array of weaponry, and guided by a recon satellite with a VERY alluring voice, Tiny takes the fight to the robot foe.
For freedom, the American way...and that hot satellite voice! As an aside, it is generally agreed that the final boss, due to a release glitch, is essentially un-defeatable without using cheat codes, something that really took a star off of this otherwise cool game.


Anonymous said...

I approved of the aliens APC,

Just thought of a few you may want to include.

The spider tank from ghost in the shell clearly belongs in the top ten. as does Boneparte from AD tank police.

The 'Batmobile' from Millers genius 'The dark knight Returns'

Eldar fireprism, both the way the new kit looks and the concept, very cool (assuming it can't loose points for slightly lame -ish rules)

Mako from Mass Effect ?

My brain has gone blank, thankyou work...

CounterFett said...

The list is already made, and I already have most of the posts scheduled, so I can't add anything at this point, but I might make an 'honorable mentions' at the end.

You do have one uncanny mention in there that is something in my list, that I am amazed anybody but me thought of.

You'll see...