Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 30!

I made a banner and everything!
I am trying to concisely come up with a way to have an intro line that will say all of the things I want it to, but not be obnoxiously long. "Tanksgiving" is my catchphrase, since its November and about tanks, but I also want people to know it is Sci-Fi tanks. I had one commenter say I should have the StuG III in my top 30, and while it is a fine armored fighting vehicle, it's not really from the realm of Sci-Fi...well, maybe Nazi Zombies. Anyway, on with the countdown!

#30: Colonial Marines M577
Plus, I'm always a fan of pseudo-technical posters!
As was pointed out by GMort, who recommended it, this is an APC, not a tank, but I feel it is within the spirit of the countdown, and was therefore included. While I never saw Aliens as a kid (apparently it was one of the few horror/sci-fi movies my parents wouldn't let me watch), I know this thing has a huge following.
The actual live screen-use vehicle was made from an airport tug, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the beast. It manages to look utilitarian and menacing at the same time. Air portable, and with a capacity of twelve Colonial Marines, this thing could bring the pain!


Mike Howell said...

I love the aesthetic of the vehicle, but I've gotta question the field efficacy of anything that could be stranded with all its wheels off the ground by a sudden 5% change in grade. How it made it off that ramp from the dropship I'll never know. Maybe there was a higher clearance mode we didn't see in the movie.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, that was my big hangup (pardun the pun) with the thing as well. It looks like it could be high-centered by a soda can in the road. Maybe all of the colonies are paved?

J said...

You can buy a really nice paper model that follows this deign pretty well over in the Ebbles Labs section of www.worldworksgames.com The doors open and close, the gun can be stowed in the rear or deployed on top, and it has a fully detailed interior. Since the move to WWG, the price is insanely low now, too.