Friday, November 25, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 6!

 Welcome back folks to another installment of everyone's favorite countdown of fictional armored combat vehicles as decided by me...Counterfett! Today's installment is from yet another fictional universe from which I have read none of the titles, though it was suggested by an anonymous poster waaaaaay back in the dawn of time when I started this countdown.

#6 Ringo's Tiger III
I added the author's name to differentiate from what I think is the name of a real world historical tank (I know they got to II, was there a III?). In any event, the Tiger III was designed to shoot down invading alien space craft before they entered the atmosphere. Yeah, ground vehicles designed to tag things in orbit are high on my cool list too. The image above is the only thing I could find of it which had any kind of connection to the description. 12 tread units, by my simplistic reckoning, makes it three times more awesome than an Apocalypse tank. And that is pretty awesome indeed!

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