Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 7!

Hey all, after the much anticipated return to Tabletop wargaming, we return again to the world of fiction. Also, the rankings are about to get hazy as we march into the truly monstrous heavyweights. This is the realm where fanbois will be bois, and will begin to say 'but my favorite supertank would beat up your favorite supertank...' so I encourage you all to remember that this is my ranking based on how cool I think they are, and as such is fairly arbitrary. If you disagree, make your own list. Heck, tell me and I'll even link it!

#7: BOLO
I don't know a ton about this one. I gather from a little rudimentary research that this is a 'shared concept' term, but I know of it from the novels 'Bolo!' and 'Old Soldiers,' wherein it referred to a type of very heavy artificial intelligence driven battle tank. Since that appeals to my love of tank and killer robots, it stuck with me, even though I never had a chance to read those books.
There were several varieties of Bolo, with the Mark 1 being essentially a very heavy modern tank, up to the Mark XXXIII which weighed nearly as much as an aircraft carrier. These would have been formidable vehicles indeed, and I shudder to think of the ground pressure exerted by such a vehicle's treads.


sonsoftaurus said...

The Bolo is the kind of tank that engages starships...and wins.

It's the big daddy to the OGRE, though the OGRE tends to be cooler.

CounterFett said...

And I tend to agree with you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm advocating a re-rate here. Sonsoftaurus alludes to this..the final BOLO, the Mk. XXXIII was considered a 'planetary siege tank'; it could defend a planet, or assault one. Oh, and it was FTL capable. Without a mothership.

Cool? dunno, that's a fashion thing. Now, *awe*? That never goes out of style.