Thursday, December 22, 2011

Angry Marine Plasma List: Because It's Angry!

I swear, I am not abandoning The Army Of Evil Snowmen. As soon as this Friday passes and I get on my winter break, the mood to work on them will wax again! In the mean time, sitting at work all day and getting nothing done because this is the slowest week of our slow season, I generate a lot of rage!

Which brings me to today's topic of list building. Plasma! Strangely, my boys the Angry Marines seem to have a weakness when it comes to Melta, so what is an Angry list builder to do? Plasma! Angry Marines squads can take a special weapon in small units. They're not cheap, but totally worth it!

My troops squads will look like this:

Angry Squad. 165 points.
3 Angry Marines with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
Angry Marine with Plasma Cannon
Angry Marine Sergeant with Terminator Honors, Power Sword, and Plasma Pistol

Yeah, I know, here's hoping for no "Get's Hot" rolls.

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