Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Angry Marines Original Color Scheme, Or, How Counterfett Changes His MInd Too Much

Yeah. I don't know if I want to do the original color scheme or the reverse. They both have a lot going for them. I think I might do a better job with red, but on the flip side, a big part of making an Angry Marine army is that, well, they are ridiculous yellow, graffiti'd up Space Marines.

After going to all the trouble of creating a back-story, and working on the schemes for characters and types of troops, I don't want to just bag the stuff I have created thus far, but I am teetering on the edge of going with the original color scheme.

Input is appreciated!


WAAAGH! Aki said...

The original colors are priceless. Ain't nothing wrong with keeping the same scheme as the original. At least, that's mt 2 cents.

That Guy said...

Don't worry about a decision, use which ever you feelyou'll stay dedicated to in the long run. (took me... 8 tries to find a 40k army that stuck)