Monday, December 12, 2011

Announcing The Grand Re-Opening Of My Other Blog!

Yes folks, that's right! Counterfett here, hoping you are all having as fine a Monday morning as I am assuming I will have as I write this Sunday night. My 364 Days Of Santa blog has been languishing unattended by me, and unread by pretty much everyone else in the world.
This makes me wish I had those LEGO bullets from BrickArms!
This shall not stand!

I have not posted there since the end of October, because, ironically, as we near Christmas, I don't have the time to think much about clever things to have Santa do. So, I am opening up the floodgates. I have a lot of LEGO web-comic ideas, and rather than just posting them here if they do not involve Santa, I'll just put them over there. Hopefully some of you all will check it out and subscribe. I know a lot of people looked when I originally launched the site, but the blogger widget was not working correctly and they could not follow.

So, please, give it another shot!

Editor's note: This is a little late due to the blogger schedule function being broken...again.

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