Friday, December 9, 2011

Battle Suit. A Pocketful Of Gaming History

Battle Suit, by Steve Jackson, was a game of power armor combat set in the OGRE universe. Astonishingly, given how much time I have spent gaming in said universe, Battle Suit has always eluded me. Warehouse 23 has Space Gamer magazine issues for sale for like $3 for a pdf, so this may change soon.

In any event, I am not quite sure to expect. I have heard from gamers who have played it that it is either a masterpiece that is great and fun to play, or the worst piece of junk that has ever been sold for money. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

What I do know is that it uses the dot based movement system, and inspired a good portion of BattleTroops, the similarly named BattleTech infantry game (which I love so much it can only be called unhealthy). BattleTroops is pretty good, so if the two are similar, it seems likely I will enjoy Battle Suit as well.

I imagine it's worth the three bucks just to find out. If I do take the plunge I will do a proper review and let you all know what I think.


sonsoftaurus said...

Never played that. I just remember infantry in OGRE as being mostly just being an excuse to use all the secondary guns on the OGRE.

If they have some armor cutaway diagrams, be sure to post those!

CounterFett said...

Don't forget all those AP batteries!