Saturday, December 31, 2011

Belated Christmas Haul! Giftcards To The Rescue!

I love giftcards. I don't think of myself as especially difficult to buy for, as I like and want pretty much everything Halo related (my family can attest that I appreciate literally every single Halo thing given to me), Sci-fi books, knives, and clothes. Pretty easy, I think.

But some people worry about getting me duplicates (I don't know why, I can still use them), or just don't feel comfortable in the toy section, or don't know my size, or whatever. And they give gift cards, and it's a good thing!

So yesterday we hit the mall with our bounty of glorious retail vouchers, and lo, did we purchase! I got a couple of fine books I was waiting for, Glasslands by Karen Traviss, and Drake's third Slammers anthology.

We also discovered that K'nex finally got the message of every other construction toy manufacturer and released the Mario building figures in single packs. They were not even blind, so I got all three they had (I was hoping for a Bowser too, but no such luck)!

You should expect to see more thorough reviews of each in the coming days!


jboypacman said...

Am so going to buy at lest one of those K'Nex Mario Bro figures! What is the scale on them? Larger than a Lego Mini-Fig?

CounterFett said...

Yeah, they are quite a bit bigger. I can post a comparison shot when I open them if it'll help.

jboypacman said...

That would be great! And am going to keep my eyes out for these at our local stores. I really want a Bowser figure.