Thursday, December 1, 2011

Classic Gaming Moment: Takedown

Like most gamers, I have my favorite things. In miniature war games, I am a patient player; careful target priority and range estimation being my #1 reason for won games. When it comes to video games, however, I am a daredevil. One of the things that always lent itself to my favor in most of the Halo series was the tactic of charging a shielded opponent while firing to take down the shields, then melee-ing them for the kill once I get close.
In Halo Reach, however, I am all about Stealth, so I can get those executions. Yes, in this still, you see moi (in the guise of Noble Six) brutally executing an innocent little Grunt. Well, he's not that innocent, I guess, since the Covenant were trying to exterminate humanity. I guess we'll call it even.

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