Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cloudy With A Chance Of Toys R' Us.

Well folks, Counterfett here. This is sort of a weekly update post, since there were a bunch of things I promised I was going to do during this vacation that I have not done yet, and a few things I have done that were not on the itinerary.
  • Snow'nids. Yeah, they are still planned, but because I have been so upset over my company not paying me, I have not been in the right mindset to work on these. All of the materials are prepped, so once all of that garbage is resolved, worked will be resumed.
  • Angry Marines. Work has been progressing on these a little more briskly than anticipated, because the mood has been just right for Angry Marines. Three Angry Squads are on order (I think I am just going to use the EM4 Space Rangers, though I may use those for Space Crusade), and work is set to begin on the actual minis. I think I know what kind of list I want to run there, so we'll see when they get here.
  • Space Crusade. We played it, we loved it, it's here to stay. It was a lot of fun. I doubt I will ever actually play the game the way Milton Bradley envisaged it, but with the few little tweaks to speed up accessibility for my kids that I mentioned yesterday. We are planning another game for today, but this time I am planning on playing as the Blood Angels, so we will see if that evens up the playing field. The Imperial Fists seemed to make that last mission a cakewalk.
  • Toys R' Us. Mrs Fett and I are planning on hitting the nearby TRU, just to look and take pics of what's new for the blogs. This may or may not actually happen, since she realized Ebay is having a free listing day.
  • Examiner. Whoops, I think I have not posted on the examiner for a bit!

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