Wednesday, December 28, 2011

EM4 Space Rangers Came In The Mail!

Huzzah, Hooray, Yippee! My Space Rangers got here today. Remember, as with most of my photos, these are pretty high res, click for closeups!
Address Redacted by the Office of Naval Intelligence.
A non assuming bubble wrap envelope.
That's a lot of plastic!
An alarming array of sprues in ziplock baggies!

Each set includes:
They look angry!
4 Standard Rangers, one per sprue, with separate personal weapon (bolter) and power pack. The backpacks look a little bit like they should go on Elementals from BattleTech to me, but then, with my background, I see BattleTech in everything.
Sorry, I had to get one blurry one, right?
5 Slotta bases. Now, the pictures on the site and most online reviews show or mention hexagonal bases, which would not have been a big deal. They however come with 25mm round Slotta bases, which is much, much better in my opinion. Now they match 4ok even better! Not to mention Space Crusade. More on that later...
...and I'm all out of bubble-gum!
1 Commander Sprue. I wish he came with more options, but whatever. In 40k I would call this a power sword and plasma pistol, but in Space Crusade I would say it's a bolt pistol & force axe. I like the commander's head. I am going to paint all three of them as the Duke Nuk'em Triplets.
Rock and Roll!
1 Heavy Weapons Sprue. Now you can make these count as whatever you feel like, but I am going to say, from top: Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Assault Cannon. I am going to not glue weapon choices in, so that I can mix and match as the need arises. These guys are going to be Space Crusade MInis, or maybe form the early core of my Nascent Angry Marines army, so I want them to be versatile right now.

Now that the contents of each set is done, let's have a size comparison shot with a few things I had out and handy...
This scale is juuuuuuust right!
From left: Khorne Bloodletter, eM4 Space Ranger, NECA Halo Action Clix Spartan. Right at 28mm heroic. Pretty impressive really.

I just got this, and I will let you know my evolving opinion as I work on these, but for right now, I am thrilled! These are better than I had any right to expect them to be. They came quicly, and cheaply, and with no muss or fuss! This was a tiny bit over 10 pounds, which came to $16.50-ish US dollars, shipping included. For 15 guys! Think about how much 3 squads of Devastators would cost you, even from a discount store, even if you didn't have to pay shipping! They take paypal. I can't praise them enough, I really like them.

Get them from eM4.


sonsoftaurus said...

Yeah, I've got some of those, they look nice. I used some of them as Stealth Suits in my first Tau army.

CounterFett said...

Hahaha. Why does that not surprise me?

Mik said...

These guys have been around for a long time, glad to see them getting some love here. You're right, for the price they're hard to beat!

Ben said...

I have some of these guys I started converting into CSM Obliterators. I think they're a good size for that, being bulkier than regular power armour. Must admit I found the identical, static poses a bit limiting though.

CounterFett said...

Thanks for the input guys!

@ Mik, yeah, for someone like me, they are impossible to pass up, I'm just glad I finally jumped for it.

@ Ben, that's actually a pretty neat idea. The simple pose and swoppet nature makes them perfect for something like Space Crusade, which is not what I bought them for originally, but a nice coincidence. I would actually like the pose for converting, as since they are all identical, they are a known quantity. It's easy to know the limitations, and what can or cannot be done with it.