Sunday, December 25, 2011

Great Games I Never Played: Space Crusade

Now this one is a bit of an oddity, becuase unlike the bulk of North Americans who never played Space Crusade, I actually owned this game. God only knows how my Mom got her hands on this one to give to me for (I think) my 13th birthday. I guess if you knew her it would make sense, the woman is an amazing gift buyer.

What I don't understand, in retrospect, is why I never played this game. I don't think I even opened it! Wish I still had it. See, I played Heroquest obsessively with this kid who lived across the street named Jordan. We also played Darkworld, Mattel's sad if innovative ripoff of Heroquest. We even played Battle Masters, if only because Jordan loved playing chaos, and I loved shooting the Ogre's head off with the cannon. Jordan had Space Hulk, which spawned a generations long love affair with that game in my family.

So why exactly did we never play Space Crusade? The world may never know. However, with the game's online renaissance, I might just give it a go with whatever miniatures I have to hand (much like how I currently play Space Hulk). Most of the non plastic pieces can be reproduced fairly easily, I already have the rulebooks, including the expansions (again, god only knows why I have those). My only problem is dice. I want to get some actual SC dice, because my experiences with painting blank dice have been pretty poor.

Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket alternative to Space Crusade dice?


The Antipope said...

I never played that either. I think we had it in Greece back at the time (translated in Greek and everything) but 40K didn't appeal to me very much back at the time. I always prefered it's Fantasy counterpart and used to play Hero's Quest back then.

CounterFett said...

I LOVED HeroQuest. I found out years later when I was into 40k that I had been a GW player for a decade and a half already without even knowing it.

Bo Bo said...

Space Crusade was the game that got me into 40k and wargaming in general so I have very fond memories of it. No surprise at all that I jumped at the chance to get a complete set on ebay and re-live my childhood!