Saturday, December 10, 2011

Great Modern Toy Concepts: Zartz!

All the fun of Lawn Darts without the chance of horrific puncture wounds. Gavin got this from 'Unca Bobby,' and loves it to death. He was playing with it all night. In a linked matter, I love that my son is at the phase where he talks like Hewey, Dewey, or Louie without really meaning to.

Anyway, like the aforementioned victim of Darwinistic Theory, Zartz offers a fun athletic activity for youngsters that actually improves hand eye coordination. I know health nuts will hate me, but I still think that the best way to promote hand eye coordination in kids is video games, though something like Zartz is even better because it tires them out! He went to bed on time and slept like a brick!!

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jboypacman said...

I miss the old Lawn Darts we had as a kid even if they were deadly lol.