Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help A Brother Out: Big Ebay Sale Part III!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! My company, feeling that they had not screwed me over enough lately, has seen fit to still not pay me for the entire last month of this year. So, since my mortgage and car loan don't want to wait until my (for the moment) to remain nameless company to finish 'investigating' the situation, I have put some stuff up on Ebay!

My miniature collection is still completely decimated from the last big push, so this time consists mostly of the parts of my Toy Collection that I feel like I can live without. Should be some pretty cool deals and interesting stuff to those of my readers who like toys! Which is most of you I guess, in one form or another!

Anyway, here's the link! LINK!


John said...

Sorry to hear that. I have been selling some of my items too, but for different reasons. I hope things work themselves out. Good luck.

Mik said...

Bummer news chief, good luck on your auctioneering!