Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In The Grim Darkness Of The Far Future, There Is Only Snow!

It's a white Christmas...of terror!
Ok, well, with a little gentle nudging from sonsoftaurus (who always has better conversion ideas than me anyway), I think I have settled on using Tyranids to represent my army of evil snowmen.
Up close & personal

And now, seeing the above, you realize what set me on this line of thinking (although, to be fair to myself, I drew 'The War on Snowmen' well before the Killing Floor Twisted Christmas event was unveiled). The Holiday Snowman Husk!

I was planning originally on using holiday themed items for counting as wargear, and indeed SoT has mentioned a few really cool ones in his comments on yesterday's post. However, I think having them be all snowmen will be confusing enough, and I might just use Tyranid bitz ordered from friendly aftermarket sites to use as weapons to make it easier to know what counts as what.

What do you all think would be better? Using 'fluffy' themed items, or painting actual Tyranid bitz to look like ice?

EDIT: Also, vote in the poll on the top right of the page and weigh in as to what you think I should name my nascent Hive Fleet!


sonsoftaurus said...

I can see the point about using actual Nid bits. I think that if you paint the regular parts snowy and sharp party icy it could look good.

sonsoftaurus said...

Oh, and I think Hive Fleet Humbug would be good.