Monday, December 26, 2011

Incoming! EM4 Space Rangers!

I love these guys. So modular and retro!
Yeah, as you could probably have guessed from the picture in the previous post, I ordered a batch of Space Rangers from EM4 last week. I've liked them for a long time, and I like the versatility and the fact that they come so cheap. This, of course, was before I found out about my employer dropping the ball and not paying me right before Christmas. But whatever.

Amazingly, I also ordered these before I got so obsessed with Space Crusade. That they work almost perfectly for the role is totally coincidental. Did the original manufacturer make them as a copy of the Space Crusade minis, or were they for another, similar game? Regardless, they make a happy alternative to (now) costly Space Crusade miniatures.

I think our first game is going to be tomorrow, and I am trying to decide how best this is to be done. I will take pictures and let you know what we try, what we like, and what we do not like.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago I was ordering this guys, but in my memory they were crap to glue, however I like what they look like. And the scale is very good to be used in W40K!

CounterFett said...

I think I am not going to glue them. I got three sets, which is eerie, because I need three sets for Space Crusade (four when I expand it to include the Angry Marines) and SC is supposed to have interchangeable weapons between missions.