Friday, December 23, 2011

Personalities of the Rage Marines: Captain Smacker

This is the abridged works of Septerius Anonivious, Chapter Serf and Chronicler of the Mentor Legion, Seconded to the Angry Marines Chapter.

The Brevet Captain in charge of the Angry Marines force dedicated to the Jericho 'beatin', Captain Smacker is an Angry Marine amongst Angry Marines. It is reputed in the Chapter that so many varieties of Xenos exist amongst the stars because Smacker has simply not got around to killing them all yet. An exaggeration, surely, but demonstrative of the regard with which a disrespectful mob holds the Captain.

Small for an Astartes (though one would never say such to his face, or in earshot), Smacker rose quickly through the ranks, spending little enough time in each of the less esteemed positions of the Chapter such as Newbie or Devastator, before he made a name for himself amongst the Assault Marine Cadre at Norin V. The brutality with which the Assault Marines battered the deviant Tau fire warriors so impressed the Captain in charge of the operation that Smacker's fast track was veritably assured.

Smacker is not seen without his battered and inscribed Mk. 6 armor, and typically arms himself with a Power Sword and Plasma Pistol, though he fires the latter only infrequently, disdaining ranged combat as all of his Angry Brethren.

Coming Soon: Personalities of the Rage Marines: Placidus

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