Monday, December 26, 2011

Playing Games With None Of The Components

This is not a Space Crusade mini...
Yeah. After my oh so inspiring post about how I never played Space Crusade even though I owned it, I have decided to start playing it without any of the components (except the rulebooks and mission books, of course)! How can I do this, you ask? Proxy!

Honestly, I was wondering what was stopping me from playing this great old game, and while it is card and chit intensive compared to Space Hulk (which I play the same way), I think I can pull it off by just playing with the book handy, and some minimal printing of cards and such.

I will need some boards, and I think my Halo modular board should actually work okay, since it has four square sections, just like Space Crusade. I will need to make sure there is enough walls and LOS blockage, since shooting is much more common in Space Crusade than Space Hulk (Where we almost never shoot).

Honestly, since my daughter is going to want to play as her pink daemons, I might not even have to tell her we are playing a different game! It's more likely she will win in Space Crusade than she does in Space Hulk, as improved firepower and mobility from heavy weapons and power armor will likely not make up for the loss of Terminator Protection, Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers, and Storm Shields.

I'll make sure to take pictures, and let you all know how it comes out. Oh, and of course, I am working out a way to play with Angry Marines. Some wonderful person has already done all the hard work of printing them up chapter specific order and equipment cards. Not for use with the kiddies, of course, but fun to have, nonetheless...

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