Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowman Tyranids: Making A List, Checking It Twice.

Shouldn't be too hard 'cause none of them are nice...
Ok. I'm actually going to be hitting the craft store today to pick up some supplies for starting on the models. It hit me all of a sudden that if I wanted to make an army of snowmen counts as Tyranids, I should probably have an idea of what I'm going to build. It further occurred to me that, even though it was one of my first codices since I came back to the game in Fifth Edition, I have not even given it a good reading. No one around me plays it either. I don't have a clue how to make a good list. I am going to use this post to lay out a few basic parameters of what I am planning.

So, I suppose I should at least get a feel for what kind of things I want in the list, if not what will make an effective list. I don't want a swarm. I know, weird army choice, right? Sonsoftaurus suggested it (I think), because it is a no-vehicle army where the larger monsters could be easily scaled in snowballs. It's a good choice, but since I am scratch-building, it further means pretty much any kind of gaunt is not making the cut. I don't have the patience for the numbers, nor the dexterity for the size. Even writing this now, I am tempted to waffle and say that this is solely for the initial list. I may revise my opinion after I get a bit of a feel for the project, and come up with a smart way to do it. An assembly line, so to speak.

I'm a Space Hulk fan, so while I want Genestealers to make the cut, they also have a bit of a numbers issue, and I want to make sure I am up to the task of making a scratchbuilt Snowman look suitably frenzied and crazed. These will likely be a later addition. And a limited one, given what I have read about using Genestealers from other bloggers.

Warriors. Now, I'll say up front that I am super biased in favor of Warriors. Now that that's out of the way, let's look more particularly at why I am including them:
  • Size. They are bigger, ergo easier to model for me. 
  • Troops. Warriors are a troops choice. Meaning they fill a critical slot that has a lot of other choices I am pretty leery of working on right now.
  • Options. Warriors are pretty customizable, with lots of fun wargear options that I can mess around modeling. 
  • Model Count. Warriors cost more points, being by necessity lower in number for me to sculpt.
  • History. Before I played 40k, I played Starcraft. When I came to 40k, I thought the current models of Warriors looked like Hydralisks, and I always wanted to run them. Now I can.
Now, some of these reasons are pretty silly. Especially wanting to run Warriors since they look like Hydralisks, since mine won't, but you get the drift. I am going to start on the bodies first, so I don't have to make a decision yet about wargear, though I suspect I will just lift an idea whole cloth from this article over on BoLS. Yeah, good timing from that guy. I haven't seen a Nids article on BoLS in a while, and this guy talks about Warriors right when I'm working on it? Nice. Besides, I have already given some thought about how to represent most of this stuff.

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Drop me an email snd me can talk about list building. The guy posting on bols is an fool