Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snow'Nid Concept Art Part 2!

Well, I guess we can call this part two of the concept art extravaganza for the forthcoming army of evil snowmen.

This one did not come out quite as well for the simple fact that I did not know what I wanted the end product to be when I started drawing. For me, it's the equivalent of getting in your car and driving when you don't really have a destination. You just sort of wander.

Nevertheless, I did determine how I think I am going to translate the Hive Guard idea into snowman form, even if the gun itself is a bit of a work in progress, conceptually. Who knows, if I find good bitz maybe I really will use a hollow log as an Impaler Cannon. It's the one Tyranid weapon I NEED to use a fluffy snow idea for, since I don't think there is a way to just buy the bitz for the Impaler cannon. It seems pretty integral to the Hive Guard model to me. If any of you out there have one you don't want, do feel free to let me know.

As far as construction goes, there are a few options available to me. I think I have an idea of how I want to go with this, but I will keep that to myself for the time being. I'd rather find out if it is going to work before I let you all know, just to save myself a little embarrassment if it flops.

Edit: Like I said, there might be errors in terminology with this. I realized when I got home that Hive Guard have Hardened Carapace, not Bonded ExoSkeleton. You get what I'm shooting for...


Anonymous said...

having different thickness and/or quanity of ice is a sweet idea for the armor types.

For the impaler cannon why not drop the idea of it being an arm. After all this is a snow man army. How about a hollow log diagonally through the snowman back to front all in the lower ball of the snow man. then have spikes of ice around the snowman and a few in his hands to represent ammo and him loading his internal hive guard impaler cannon err mortar err icy cannon of death.

CounterFett said...

That's actually a pretty cool idea. It will mean I need to use something other than my original idea for constructing his lower body, but since I don't need many Hive Guard, it should still be fine. They are a bit on the special side.

I just want the Warriors to be close to the 'standard' snowman.

Anonymous said...

hmm classical snowmen are always 3 balls , and yours appear to be 2 balls.

maybe use that in some way also?

CounterFett said...

The Warriors are going to be three. I just have the Hive Guard as two because, even though they are kind of big, they are very squat.

The 'Storm Lord,' which I am drawing now, is going to be four tall.

Anonymous said...

make a large snowball (100mm) with a small head and small arms (think T-rexing here). Hollow the snow ball out make a opening on the front and the back around 50mm (or maybe just one on the front I wanted some light). Fill it with ice eggs (like 20 mm long 10mm is wide with a snowball at the center.)

presto a tervigon