Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow'Nid Concept Art Part 3!

Every swarm of villainous monsters needs a leader. They need a creature of such terror and monstrosity that they nameless rank and file pale in comparison to the sheer horrific might of the army's centerpiece. This is it.
Once again, I drew this while I was doing other stuff at work. I am not sure if this is going to come across in the posting, but I drew him to scale with the warriors and hive guard. I'm not sure at the moment if I want to use aftermarket bitz for the 'Ice Sabers.' I really like the ones put out by Chapterhouse. I might cheap out and try and find another solution, though.

Mathhammer and I talk about this in the comments of the previous posts, but I am adding a fourth 'ball' of snow to the Stormlord's torso. It's just going to serve to make him as tall as he needs to be (ironically, I am trying to stay WYSIWYG with model size), while keeping the size of the individual ball reasonable. See, in order to make a three ball snowman that tall, each ball would be much larger in volume. Also, I like the way it looks. It continues the 'four' theme I have going here with the Ice Sabers and eyes.

I was originally planning on using Tyranid Primes for my HQ selection, and I may still, in low point games, but I think I like the idea of a massive snow beast as a centerpiece for my army. What do you all think?


sonsoftaurus said...

For ice swords you could just cut them out from plastic blister packs/clamshells and the like.

Anonymous said...

I like it. I think the swords should be ice shards. Not sure how exactly i think they should look, but a shard of ice ripped straight from the ground.

I think you should dump the idea of using any tyranid parts and go all custom.

Also what did you think of the tervigon idea?

CounterFett said...

I reserved comment on the tervie, because even though I think it would look good and fit well with the army, I was not planning on using a Tervigon. I am still thinking on the list though, so I might yet still use the idea.

I'm split on whether I want to use Nid parts or go all custom. I would rather go all custom (and honestly, it IS an army of evil snowmen), but with how many people in the world are hating on counts as, I want to make sure it's clear what all my weapons are.

I am currently leaning towards all custom, but I have waffled about it for a few days. We'll see what works when construction starts.

Anonymous said...

go all custom and to support my argument I present the cubes of tzeentch.

I would go for the appearance that the all custom presents. after you tell the player what is what any quality opponent will not care. Those that do argue will get slapped down by a judge.

snowman on a toboggan = hormagaunt?? maybe not sure just thought of it.

I was thinking of branches covered in ice would make good rending claws no ice no rending. Maybe do the ice with GWs water effect with a single drop of blue ink.

The possibilities are so great I really envy you for thinking this up.

Keep thinking of a snowman with icicles coming out of him as a venomthrope.