Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snow'Nid Concept Images

Yes, folks, that is right. I, Counterfett, have provided such sterling customer service today that I was able to draw some concept sketches, while I was on the phone, of what I want my army of evil snowmen to look like, as well as feeling out wargear options.

Keep in mind: I did this at work, so wargear options might be mislabeled or not necessarily in legal combinations. Other than that, what do you think?


The Happy Whisk said...

Are those poop snowballs, or regular snowballs? Either way, good job.

Anonymous said...

there are 2 rules for tyranid taxonomy.
6 limbs
6 scales on the forehead.

I think you should increase the branches to 3 per side.

Maybe snow dogs for the little guys.

CounterFett said...

They are the regular type of snowball.

I think I'll save the 'yellow snow' and whatnot for the venom cannon :D

Anonymous said...

Is the hive tyrant a kid and his stuffed tiger?

CounterFett said...

I think Calvin would make a great Broodlord, actually. And Hobbes could be Deathleaper?

The Happy Whisk said...

Regular .... lololol.