Friday, December 30, 2011

Space Crusade With The Kiddies! Part II

Hey folks, what's happening? Counterfett here, with the ongoing adventures of playing Space Crusade with my little ones. As always, the pics can be clicked on to embiggen them!
Look at those magnificent buggers.
This time Gavin, who was so enamored of my marines in the last outing, decided he simply had to run my squad of Imperial Fist heavy weapons. That left my choices as Blood Angels or Ultramarines.
Ah, Blood Angels, so...not Ultramarines!
So I set up my Blood Angels to take advantage of their focus on melee combat. I have been told that melee combat is the death of marines in this game, even for the Blood Angels, but I guess that will have to wait for another time to see one way or another, as you are all about to find out.
The unimaginative objectives
Sammi, as the sole Alien player, controlled the spawn points for both the Androids and Genestealers. I allowed her to secretly set up both the primary and secondary objectives.
Yeah, that fight is as tough as it looks.
Gavin's Imperial Fists pushed on the objective, but he had a very tough time of it, due to the Androids' heavy firepower. I didn't even take pictures of the push to my objective, since it happened so quickly and uneventfully compared to the vicious firefight on Gavin's side. I did slot aGenestealer on the way in, but since Sammi was sending them the long way around for some reason, they just didn't get there in time.
Well, that was a milk run...
I used my 'Move It!' card to double move my Commander and bolter marines back to the dropship. It was a wise move, considering that even with it, the Genestealers were nipping at my heels.
Hey Sarge...what do you call the opposite of a milk run?
Gavin's return trip was relatively uneventful compared to his trip in, as the Androids could not keep up with his Suspensor equipped Heavy Weapon Marines. In the end, only the Commander and Plasma Gunner made it back to the Dropship.

I ended up winning based on getting the primary objective. Sammi came in second based on killing Gavin's Marines, and Gavin came in third, gaining a few points based on his objective and destroyed Androids, minus his Marine losses. He did pretty well, considering he's four. It was a bit of a chore getting him to not move unless it was his turn. Also, he got frustrated when I wouldn't let him shoot everything on the board because his guys 'have goggles.' All in all, very successful.


sonsoftaurus said...

So...the goggles do nothing?

CounterFett said...

On the contrary, the goggles are quite multifunctional. They protect the eyes from wind AND debris.