Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Space Crusade With The Kiddies!

From Left: Commander with Heavy Bolter (Combi), Bolter Marine, Missile Launcher Marine, Assault Cannon Marine, Plasma Gun Marine.
Well, I guess it's time to cross this one off of the list of great games that I have never played. I did simplify a little bit, but not much. I gave the kids a simple spawn point, and told them to place one new mini there each turn. Samantha had her famous Pink Daemons (count as Genestealers), while Gavin had Androids (duh, Androids).
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!
I accidentally gave myself too straight of a shot to the objective. Didn't realize how quick my Marines could get there and back. I played as Imperial Fists, with suspensors as my equipment, so 6 moves even for my Heavies. The mission was to cross the breadth of the ship, gain both objectives (with a marine spending a turn getting each one), then returning to board the dropship.
'Watch Your Corners!'
Sammi's Genestealers were all over me the whole game. The little girl is a juggernaut! Poor Gavin's androids were too slow, even with the 25% speed boost I gave him. They spent much of their time on their own spawn room.
'Game Over Man, Game Over!'
After a turn with my Bolter Marine (you have to take one, it's in the rules!) taking the primary and secondary objectives, I started the trip home. Poor Gavin had his peak at this point, with me expending vast amounts of ordnance to take out a clump of Androids in the passageway.
'Damn Boys, We're In A Tight Spot!'
 Sammi nearly ended the game on the return trip. Bottling the whole squad at a chokepoint. I used some very fancy maneuvering, as well as my 'FIRE!' order card to clear the bottleneck. I had been saving that card all game, and got quite lucky.
Even so, the little girl nearly ended my Sergeant, catching up with him as the rest of the Marines sat safe in the dropship. He escaped with one wound remaining (of six starting!).

It was a terrific game, and the boy insist that we "play it every day!" Sammi, a little more articulate, being three years older than Gavin, commented that she "liked it even better than Space Hulk!" High praise indeed. I must say that it was a different and more fast paced experience. Genestealers being able to move 8 spaces was frightening! Furthermore, their three armor made them tough to get rid of.

The only changes I made were that I removed the blip tokens and let them Spawn more then they would have been able to in the actual game. Also, both were the alien player (usually it is only one Alien Player and three Marine Players). I think this is a good mix for playing with younger gamers, as the Alien Player's responsibilities can be a bit overwhelming. I will most likely let them spawn 2 per round next time, however, as this was a bit of a cakewalk. Plus, a little more obstruction to the goal might be a good idea.

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