Friday, December 16, 2011

Space Hulk: The Triumphant Return Of Family Gaming Night.

Yeah, it's been a bit since I really did anything Grimdark related, but my kids have been wanting to play Space Hulk for the past few nights, and since Tyranids have been making a strange resurgence in the Counterfett household, I said why not.
Initial Board Set Up
It was just the kids playing this time. I keep meaning to whip out the terminators and Pink Daemons and play a real game of actual Space Hulk with Sammi, but just don't have the time and/or motivation. So Genestealers v Genestealers it is!
The battle for the bridge heats up.
The boy took his trusty "Shooty Robots and Robot Dogs" while the Bunny Girl took the trusty UNSC troops. He won, but it was a 1 vs. 1 moment at the end. Things to work on: Dice Discipline. Seriously, they were flinging dice everywhere.

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Evan said...

Lol, I still fling dice like that sometimes. Usually when Mildy Intoxicated and shouting "Blood For the Blood God!" Hahaha.