Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thaaat's What I was Looking For! Halo Reach Combat Knife

I was a bit split over whether I wanted to get the Ontario or the SOG. I have friends who swear by both (oddly enough...how is it I have so many friends in California with Combat Knives? I love my friends!). Plus, I had all of the fine input from my readers. Needless to say, the indecision was not helped by the fact that there really was nothing but right answers here. Neither knife is bad!
Then I saw this. Yup. That's the one that made me get interested in this again. The signs were all there. Assassinations from Halo Reach! Duh! Sometimes I amaze myself with how little I understand my internal thought process.
Here's another shot of it in action. I guess this means I know what decision I have to make vis a vis the Ontario/SOG situation.

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