Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tyranid Poll Results: The Army Of Evil Snowmen!

Yes folks, the polls are closed, and my joke entry "The Army of Evil Snowmen" has emerged victorious. Ah what clever and insightful readers I have!
Anyway, I have purchased and gathered all of the materials for the beginning of this project, save that I have not had the time to actually start sculpting. I have not put a list together either, since a good deal of my creative time has been spent playing with lists for my Angry Marines. It's been that kind of week at the office.

Matthammer is going to be mad at me, but I'm probably going to just start out with an army of Warriors for troops, Hive Guard for Elites, and Swarmlord for HQ. I don't know how effective I will be on the table, but in terms of sculpt and build, I am confident I can pull it off. Like I said before, I can make the list more effective as I go, since I can build pretty much anything I want to add. Not like I have to find a cheap way to add a Trygon, say.

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