Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weird Things I Find In My Garage: Swedish Army Knife

This is a new thing that I might do from time to time about the odd, unusual, and just plain weird things that I find in my garage. I have a great memory, and while I can't bring it all up at once, I can find an item like this and it all floods back.
My dad and I got a bunch of these some years back from a surplus catalog that had them for real cheap. He's a big fan of the Finnish style knives, and I was collecting military knives in general, so it seemed like a great idea.

It's a funny thing about military knives, in that they tell you a lot about the culture they come from. American military knives tend to be big, straight edged fixed blades. Usually they have a fuller, because that's they way Ka-Bars said it should be done. The Swiss make marvelous little folding knives that are useful for every task you might come across, as long as it does not involve cutting anything. The Nordic countries )I know, I use the term only loosely) tend towards a puuko style knife. Most puukos you see around my part of the world are fishing knives by Rapala. Decent though those are, they pale compared to a geniune Frost's of Sweden with sandviched high carbon steel. And it even comes in green.

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