Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Angry Marine Paper Figure

This one, obviously, is not all my own artwork. Primarily because I could not draw a Space Marine to save my life, but also because there is already a terrific tool for coloring and making Space Marine Art, which is the Space Marine Painter at The Bolter And Chainsword.
Always Angry!

All The Time!

It went pretty well. After I made this, I envisaged an Army of mini paper Space Crusade Figures made up this way. I think it would actually not work, because these figures are way too light and fragile to hold up to that sort of use. I might revisit the idea however, if I can think of a way to make it feasible.

By the by, my papertoy designs are now available to download for your folding pleasure here.


jboypacman said...

Maybe a heavier grade of paper could help you make those Space Marines perhaps?

Luckyjoe said...

That's very cool. You could also try wrapping the paper around something like a Hirst Arts brick, or something similar.