Friday, January 27, 2012

The Headless Corpsman; or, WTH MegaBloks?!?

Yeah, so I went through all of the Halo bloks blind packed minifigures at the nearby Target, looking for a Cortana figure. After many packs, I came across one where I simply could not tell what was in the package, because there was no weapon. Aggravated to the point of not thinking correctly, I bought it, thinking "No weapon in the package equals Cortana."
This is what I got. See, I had overlooked the possibility that they might have just screwed me over and not included a weapon. Quality control issues for the win! Additionally, this is the white pilot that everyone gripes about being so hard to put together. I got the one put together for Kelli, but this one seems even more difficult. It could be that my hand, which is not quite back to full capacity, is hobbling me in this, but I think it's the disappoint. Yes, the disappoint is strong with this one.

I cannot quite get the head to fit. I could simply hollow out the opening a little more with a craft knife, but I think I might just leave it how it is an display it as an object lesson. Hubris breeds Nemesis.

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