Monday, January 2, 2012

K'Nex Mario, Luigi, And Yoshi (With Size Comparisons!)

Hey folks, Counterfett here on my last day of winter vacation, hoping your New Year is shaping up nicely so far. I promised I would put up pics of these guys as soon as they were open, plus some size comparison shots. I almost forgot that I promised jboypacman those size comparisons, so sorry if those photos look a little rushed!

In all, they are pretty cool. They are a terrific mix of accurate depiction and stylized construction. Thematically like a mix of Mega Blox figures and true LEGO figures. The heads seem to be a vinyl-like softer plastic. Almost like a collectible figure, while the bodies are the harder construction brick plastic we all know and love. Hopefully the heads will resist scratching. Mrs. Fett has not had any trouble with her Yoshi yet, so I have high hopes.

As promised, here are the size comparisons. I tried to get a good variety of different lines.
HaloBlox Revised Elite, K'nex Mario, LEGO Santa

LEGO Noble Six, K'nex Yoshi, MegaBlox Marvel's Loki

MegaBlox Papa Smurf, K'nex Luigi, HaloBlox Revised Hunter


jboypacman said...

Hey thanks for doing this for me and i know for sure i want a Bowser one if they put one of him out for sale. : )

CounterFett said...

Hopefully he gets released this way. Have not seen one yet. Though, to be honest, I have not seen any of these guys again either.

Mario! said...

So, about Minimate sized?

CounterFett said...

Of course you would think up the one minifig type I have forgotten. Luigi is about the same height as a minimate, but they are all much wider.