Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Favorite Miniature Robots, And Why Don't I Own Them?

It's these guys from .45 adventures. Called  the Robot Mark II, this is one that I saw a long time ago as a blog post by the guy who actually sculpted them. He made it look super easy, which just goes to show you how much better of a sculptor he is than me.

The reason I don't own these is complicated. I don't really have anything I would use them for. That might change soon, what with my ennui with all things GW. I am thinking about starting a smaller scale skirmish style game. Something campaign driven, so these might fit quite handily into that. The current reason I am not ordering these is that I can't seem to find anyplace online that really has them in stock. Guess that's my own fault, sort of like the reason I don't own the AE-WWII American Robot Troopers too.

More to come later...

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HOTpanda said...

I've collected an extensive list of links to various pulp fiction style robot miniatures. Deep down inside I would love to collect an entire army of them. My mind has begun trying to figure out how I could manipulate them into a Necron army.