Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paper Toy Tuesday #1: Luigi!

I am trying to come up with some featurette type things that I can kind of put to certain days, to ease the creative burden on myself. I kind of post a lot, not just here, but also on the Examiner, A Year Of Santa, Facebook, Youtube. I'm astonishingly busy, really. So in an attempt to spend what little creativity I have left on quality content rather than deciding what to post, I am coming up with a schedule of what I want to post and when.

I think Tuesdays are for Paper Toys.

This is my version of Luigi. I had a period where I forgot to color the tops of the heads and put on side tabs, and this is from that batch. Even though I have fixed the template (which is now posted in the paper toy section btw), I forgot to print the corrected one. as such, Luigi is a bit faulty. In paper, as well as in real life.