Thursday, January 12, 2012

Video Game Armory: Pistols Of Doom

Hey all, Counterfett here. A lot of my writing of late has been scheduled, which means I don't write with my usual "voice." As a result, I feel like I have been away from writing for the blog for a long time, even though I have scheduled posts going live every day! So, I wanted to just do a quick informal type of post. Keeping it real, so to speak.

In this series, I will look at weapons from video games and examine how they influenced the evolution of video games. Since I am on sort of a Doom kick lately, and this is ostensibly a vacation from scheduled Halo posts, it seemed appropriate to start with the pistols of Doom.

What's that you say? Doom only had one pistol? Well, Sort of.
Jeff Cooper once said that the best use of a 9mm pistol was as a badge of office.
Doom Pistol! It was based on the Beretta M9, and was only slightly more powerful than punching the Demons. Because that sounds like a great idea.
Nice Deagle, Bro.
Doom 64 Pistol! The N64 version of Doom was a completely different story. Since Doomguy was planning this visit to Hell, he brought along a little something extra, and this version looks like a Desert Eagle. You really don't need to use this version much, since you get a shotgun in the starting room of Doom 64.
Doom 3 Pistol. Um, it sort of looks like a flare gun, I guess. Despite doing more mathematical damage than the Doom 1 & 2 pistols, this version seems weaker, since many enemies are buffed between Doom 2 & 3.

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jboypacman said...

I need to play some DOOM again it has been so long.