Wednesday, February 29, 2012

40k Advanced Orders No One Is Talking about: Arjac Rockfist

Yup. the Anvil of Fenris now has a model. Not a bad looking one, either. He's going to be finecast. That still raises the ire of some modellers. I still have not bought any, and for the same reason I have never bought any Forgeworld stuff...Cost. I came to wargaming through collecting 54mm toy soldiers, so the idea of paying more for resin than metal makes me need antacids.

Nevertheless, there are a few Space Viking players I know of that will be mighty happy to finally have ol' Arjac. They had conversions they were pretty happy with for him, but honestly, they all told me they would like an official model.

And now they do.


Dawfydd said...

I especially like how he's actually got his hammer in a believable throwing grip....

ian!!!! said...

I was really hoping for a more Thor-like pose. Still a descent looking model. I'm really suprised they made him.