Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FREE! When The Navy Walked Quick Play Rules

Hey all, Counterfett here! I have told you about my favorite price for starting a new game, right?
Well, silly, it's free!

Speaking of free, I saw a post at the Armchair General about the miniature Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) game, "When the Navy Walked" and how you can get a free download of the quick play rules. Well, I of course was on that like white on rice, and you should be too!

If you like the game, go ahead and spring for the full version, what the heck. I
ll probably end up doing it, and you can't possibly be cheaper than me!

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Porky said...

I'll second the recommendation of the full version. I'm not sure exactly how the Quick Play looks these days because ACG is stepping things up fast, but the core book has the unit and machine creation rules and the new art style. The two sourcebooks also have some good material in them, and Sky Pirates has fleet combat rules as well.