Friday, February 17, 2012

Mantics New Sci Faction. Rats

I guess they saw my wish list for someone to make a sci fi rat army. I guess my heRATics list just took a dip in how much conversion it is going to need.
These actually look pretty nice. Sort of like Skaven in space. So, instead of steampunk victorian weaponry, they have pulp sci-fi victorian weaponry, with what look like bulbous ray guns and chemical radiation emitters.
Here's the Link to the actual Mantic Page About These Greens


Anonymous said...

So are they the Eighth Race?

Dave Bone said...

Wow thanks for these pics! Definitely will be hoarding space-ratmen in the future!

Now we need a Great Horned Rat. In space.

Mik said...

Heh, I love Mantic Games, they're my hero.

Marsekay said...

rats in space is a lot more awesome than generic sci fi man in the post below!
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