Thursday, February 16, 2012

Noble One

Yeah, so I got Carter a little while back, and was planning on posting about it on the Examiner, but their new reviewing feature is beginning to annoy me, so I think he's just going to get posted to my first and best audience.
Carter is a pretty terrific sculpt, though since the helmet-less head sculpt is the weakest part of this figure, it makes me with I had got the fully armored version of Noble One back when he came out in wave two. Oh well, maybe I will buy the noble team six pack one of these days.
Oh, and he came with a Spartan Laser...for some reason.
I think Carter's armor layout came from this concept art of Noble Six, except for the helmet, of course. I could be wrong, but it's fun to look and hypothesize.


Mik said...

I like this armor, and he's got that hot wrist computer thingie, costs like 60,000cr or something in Reach.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I still cannot even view it in the armory, so you need a fairly high rank too.

Mik said...

I've got it, plus the cool robot arm which is by far my coveted piece of armor!

Now if I can just get that Gungnir helmet...