Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh, Gruntpocalypse, How I Love Thee.

Yep, looks like that.
I bought Halo Reach the other day. Yeah, so I know it's weird that I didn't own it until Tuesday, but whatever. I knew I would love it, I knew I would love Firefight mode. If you don't know what firefight mode is, it's like Nazi Zombies or Horde for Halo Fans. There's a limited pool of lives, and you can play by yourself or with others. I find it to be a bit more playable solo than NZ or Horde, but that is another post.

What I didn't know about was Gruntpocalypse. Yeah. All Grunts, all the time. Sounds easy, but it is in fact quite difficult. I was only playing on normal, and towards the end it got downright gnarly with all of the little beasties flinging plasma grenades, plasma pistol bolts, and fuel rods at me.

Amazingly, I got to the end. I didn't even know there was an end, since the only firefight mode I have played is from ODST, which was unending. I kind of like having a goal, to be honest.


Mik said...

All of the online content in Reach I found to be top notch. There's some really cool fan-made maps and modes you can add as well. Gruntpocalypse is fun, especially with unlimited missile launcher ammo and a jet pack!

CounterFett said...

Unlimited AMMO? I haven't figured out how to do that in the options yet.