Thursday, February 2, 2012

The State Of My Wargaming

Well, I haven't done much lately on the gaming front. I'm actually gathering parts to start assembling those two robots that I am planning to make for Dust Tactics out of the two clearance Stel Green Lantern figures I got for stupid cheap. So I guess technically that is progress.
Skypigs. Just because.
The most recent flurry of activity was The Army Of Evil Snowmen idea. I'm still sort of planning that, but I ran out of steam for a bit when I went to make an army list. The Tyranid Codex is just a nightmare to read. Seriously. I'm an American, and as such usually do not have much trouble reading British English. In fact, I sometimes think that Daemon is a better way to spell Demon. More...diabolical like. But the Nids codex just irks me. It's more than just the spellings. The very phrasing of every sentence seems carefully considered to confuse and enrage me, rather like going left in Super Mario Brothers. I don't know. I'll come back to it. Maybe I should just sculpt some torsos and hope the spark comes back.

Angry Marines has hit the skids. That's the kind of thing that you need to be 100% in love with, or else you will hesitate to really commit to the conversions.

What I really want to do is an olive drab/camouflage army. But if I do that out of Dust Tactics heavy infantry, as I was planning, why even use it for anything other than Dust Tactics? Dunno.

Sorry for being a buzzkill, I just wanted to explain to all of my terrific readers why it has been so much toy content rather than gaming.

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