Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tau, And Rumors Of Tau this the part where swarms of flies come out of the third living thing's mouth?
I like the Tau. I came Warhammer 40k with some initial purchases of Tau because I thought they looked cool. Once I knew how to play the game, however, I dropped them like they were hot because they did not fit my play style. Even back then I could tell that their Force Organization Chart mandatory selections were bad compared to other Codices.

This was the most recent time I came to 40k, which was only in 2009. Even right from the start, I didn't like that they had mandatory selections, or that their interesting characters could only be selected above the points levels I liked to play at.

Now, it is starting to look like a release of the Tau Codex would be a sign of the end times. Seriously, I know that DE and Necrons were older, but did they really have the following that Tau had back in 2009? No. They do seem to have sold a fair batch of models. I'll admit to being wrong about that. Gamers really seem to love painting killer robots and redhead wyches.

I don't know. What are your thoughts about this? 


Tim said...

Hmmm, I actually half-expect Tau to get phased get "squatted."

Shawn Lowrey said...

I expect them in the next 12 months. They aren't getting "squatted". You here that sort of language all the time. If it's a marine codex they talk about it being "folding into the marine book". None of that will happen. Harry says they have been working on the models for 18 months and that they are largely done. Stickmonkey says he has seen them and they look sweet. I expect them within the next (3) codexes. Either very soon, or Q1 next year. I was hoping this year, but .... no luck.