Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Has A Vintage Hockey Goalie Mask?

In a strange note, I am looking for an old style goalie mask. I'd prefer to stay away from the Voorhees style face mask, and want something that wraps more around the cheeks and forehead. I am also looking for one that has the smallest holes possible. This is for a project completely unrelated to hockey.

There are some nice fiberglass repros and such available. I'd rather get it from someone I know, and I would prefer metal, but fiberglass or heavy plastic will work in a pinch. Anyone out there know of something good?


Gigawatts said...

Casey Jones?

jboypacman said...

I was wondering Casey Jones or even DC Comics WildDog?

CounterFett said...

Actually, pretty close, really. There is a guy who sells Casey Jones replicas on ebay, and it's a contender, if I end up needing to buy one off ebay.

Like I said, I'd rather get one from someone I know.