Thursday, March 1, 2012

40k Advanced Orders No One Is Talking about Part II: Cyberwolf

Good morning, all, Counterfett here coming to you on this fine dreary drippy morning here in Northern California. As often happens during one of these advance order phases when more than one faction's stuff is released, things tend to get overlooked. It's natural. But I like to take a little bit of a deeper look, and sometimes it pays off!
A Cyberwolf! Holy Lord, they actually are releasing a Cyberwolf! This is a touch too little, too late, as the days of me running Iron Priests with Cyberwolves (and playing Space Wolves in general) is long past. Still, it's kind of cool that they are finally getting this in the line up. They are releasing Fenrisian Wolves as well, but these seem a bit superfluous to me, since any big wolf model would do for them (I used Wargs from the LotR lineup myself). The Terminator Alpha Male, however, was always a bit harder to handle. Some people used the VC wolves, with the showing innards painted metallic, which worked fairly well, or the Cyberwolves from the old HeroScape expansions, which was not as good, but did have the benefit of being decidedly cheaper.

In any event, now we have them.

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