Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chaos Players! Counterfett Needs Your Help!

Ok, so if I were hypothetically working on a hypothetical Chaos Army, and needed to hypothetically know the hypothetical height of a hypothetical Daemon Prince, about how high would that hypothetically be in millimeters?
Did you enjoy the ironic repetition of the word hypothetical? I thought you might. But seriously, how tall is a Daemon Prince model. I'm not saying I am working on a counts as, but if you hypothetically wanted to know, it might look a little something like this


sonsoftaurus said...

Hypothetically, perhaps this might help:

HOTpanda said...

Hypothetically it would be smaller than that of a Greater Daemon while being larger than a Lesser Daemon.

Cameron said...

My hypothetical Nurgle Daemon Prince is 6.5cm high and 6cm wide.

paws4thot said...

Utterly and completely off-topic but I can't find e-mails for either of you, and she doesn't take comments from people who don't have blog accounts.

Please tell Kelli I'm wishing her lick with her exams.

CounterFett said...

Thanks for the help everyone! Robot Devil and his brigade of automadaemons will be marching to tabletops near you soon!

@paws4thot: She says thanks. Her comments don't actually work, period right now. You go to my spam folder about 75% of the time too, but I 'unspam' your comments as I have to check that folder like 3 times a day anyway :)