Saturday, March 10, 2012

GI Joe Renegade Tunnel Rat

Well, a little while back, the crappy Wal Mart across the street from where I work did an aisle reboot and reintegrated GI-Joe back into the action figure section. Still no love for Halo, however. Since I am there nearly every day, I was able to get in right when they opened it back up, and was able to get the drop on some figs I had never seen here in the wild.

I almost got the new Scarlet, since, amazingly, I have never owned a Scarlet, but she was up against long time family favorite: Tunnel Rat. Now old Nicky Lee is my favorite GI Joe, and I pride myself on having owned every version of him released to date (Don't know if I will be buying any hypothetical movie version of him, though). So it was really no contest.

This version comes with a lot of swag, as Tunnel Rat always seems to. The obligatory M60 and revolver are there of course, but this time the classic satchel charge has been replaced by a more modern looking demo charge, as well as an entrenching tool (makes sense for a tunnel rat), bomb disposal robot (yay!), detonator, phone, laptop for controlling the robot, and a flashlight. Let's see, did I forget anything? Well, there is also what's either supposed to be a satellite dish or frying pan, I'll decide once I get all this stuff out of the package and mess around with it.

Expect a more thorough review of the figure itself once I get it all out of the packaging. This has been a pretty busy few weeks in terms of toy finding, so expect to see lots more in the coming days!


Action Ranger Timmy said...

Yeah, I got him too, for similar reasons. Might be a topic of the week there.

Anonymous said...

Favorite tunnel rat quote was his very first cartoon apperence was "I've been kicked out of playgrounds tougher than this."