Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letting No Good Idea Go Unstolen: Mass effect 3 Miniatures

In order to get myself out of the proverbial hobby funk and back to actually making something with all of my hobby time, I had a big great idea: I would make miniatures of all of my favorite Mass effect characters!

Then I came across Gotthammer's splendid conversions over at Collegia Titanica. Now, we already follow each other's blogs, and in retrospect I know I already saw these, so maybe the fact that I was planning on using Infinity miniatures was not my own epiphany but rather an idea I had stored in my mind from him. Nevertheless, it's a good idea, and rather than being discouraged by not having an original thought in my life, I am encouraged by how well the idea works!

Mine won't look anywhere near as good as his, of course. I just don't plan on doing as much converting as he did, nor am I as good at sculpting. What I think I might do is when I put together a character that Gotthammer has done as well, I'll link his so you can see the way it should be done.


Mik said...
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Mik said...

So looking at the pic above, Ashley is playable? I ended up eliminating her actually and it didn't seem I had other options. Plus, I notice the Prothean is missing, but he's just DLC.

Infinity figs might be the way to go, looking forward to more.

CounterFett said...

Mik...yeah, you can save her. You can also recruit her to your squad, and you can also romance her (I don't know why you'd want to, since Liara's cooler, but whatever). You have to go visit her in the hospital after every 'priority' mission, you have to give her the book when she's in the hospital, and I think you need a certain amount of paragon/reputation.

My first time through, Garrus shot her. My second time through, I convinced her to let me stop Udina, but not join me. This time I'm trying to do it all correct to get her to at least come along.

I mostly just use Garrus and Liara in my squad, but a little variety would be nice (I don't like Vega).

Gotthammer said...

Never could romance Williams, always left her on Virmire:

"Chief Williams died on Virmire."

"I guess that's why they call her..."
*puts on sunglasses*


I just straight up paragon'd Kaidan with the council - didn't even have to buy him booze at the hospital.

Updated my blog with a post, on what figs I'm using for who.

CounterFett said...

I only played ME1, not two, so no save file for me. Let me tell you...it makes it MUCH harder to get a good ending.

That said, I prefer Liara so much more anyway. She's nice, and doesn't constantly question my loyalty.

Mik said...

I've gotta strongly encourage you to go play ME2 before you do anymore ME3. The transition between 1 and 2 was so-so, but from 2 to 3 was amazing, plus I feel ME2 is just amazing. As for the romance angle I never considered anyone but Tali since the first one, it's gotta be the accent!

Gotthammer said...

Yes, ME2 is a great game (I loves me Lair of the Shadow Broker for obvious reasons), and it really improves on characters like Garrus, Tali and Joker.

My DudeShep (who is literally called Commander Jerkface Shepard [yes, he's mostly renegade]) definitely romanced Tali for the accent... though now Kelly can be a full romance in 3... hrm.

CounterFett said...

I might go back and buy ME2, but I'm on my third ME 3 playthrough at this point so 'anymore' might not be worthwile.

That said, might be worth a shot to go after Tali...